Crooked Creek Designs®

Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry


I've been doing business as Crooked Creek Designs since 2007. I've met so many wonderful people through the years! My work has evolved, but it has always been my intent to use natural materials in a way that makes the beauty of nature the focus of my pieces. I am primarily self-taught, but I take classes every year to expand my skills. I am experimenting with finishes on sterling silver, copper, and brass. Constantly learning keeps me excited about what lies ahead!!


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  • Turquoise Flower Pendant

    Turquoise Flower Pendant

  • Turquoise Pendant

    Turquoise Pendant

  • Turquoise Blue Druzy Cuff

    Turquoise Blue Druzy Cuff

  • Tennessee Leather Bracelets

    Tennessee Leather Bracelets

  • Brown Mixed Metals Bracelet

    Brown Mixed Metals Bracelet

  • Teal Agate Necklace

    Teal Agate Necklace

  • Brown Leather Tribal Bracelet

    Brown Leather Tribal Bracelet

  • Braided Leather Bracelet

    Braided Leather Bracelet

  • Blue Leather Feather Bracelet

    Blue Leather Feather Bracelet

  • Black Leather Feather Bracelet

    Black Leather Feather Bracelet

  • White Leather Bracelet

    White Leather Bracelet

  • Brass Tribal Cross Pendant

    Brass Tribal Cross Pendant

  • Etched Crane Pendant.

    Etched Crane Pendant

  • Etched Copper Discs

    Etched Copper Discs

  • Hammered Pendant with Onyx/agate

    Hammered Pendant with Onyx/Agate

  • Brass Cuff

    Brass Cuff

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You can have an art jewelry party in your home. You get free jewelry when you sponsor an event. Contact me if you are in Tennessee to learn details. Custom work and wedding jewelry are also available upon request.


Check out my show schedule, and come by and see me if I am in your area. You will see many more options there than I am able to show on this website at this time.